venerdì 25 marzo 2011

Does exercise prevent heart attacks during lovemaking?

Inauguriamo una nuova rubrica di argomento medico-sportivo,
i contributi sono tutti documentati su riviste mediche internazionali
e assolutamente da prendere in considerazione da ogni serio ciclista.

Yes, and the less often you exercise, the more likely
you are to suffer a heart attack during lovemaking or exercise.
Researchers checked 14 other studies and found that people who
do not exercise, or exercise only occasionally, have a higher risk
of suffering a heart attack during exercise or making love (JAMA,
March 23/30, 2011). *People who exercise occasionally are three
times more likely to suffer heart attacks during exercise than those
who exercise regularly, and are five times more likely to die from a
heart attack during exercise. *People who do not exercise regularly
are 2.7 times more likely to suffer heart attacks while making love.
The more often you exercise, the better the protection.
Each additional time a person exercises per week reduces risk for
heart attacks during exercise or lovemaking. The chance of
suffering a heart attack during exercise is less than two events
per 10,000 patient-years. People who exercise only occasionally
should check with their doctors, as lack of exercise is a risk factor
for a heart attack during any physical activity.

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